3 letters to find the best flights from DC

Washington DC

You want to find the best fares from the Washington DC area, but Orbitz keeps sending you to Harrisburg.  What’s that about?

If you want to find the best airfare from Washington but you don’t care which airport you use, try this tip:   

Don’t click on “search nearby cities” when you search for airfare, or they may tell you fares from Charlottesville (CHO) or Harrisburg (MDT).

Instead of typing in BWI (Baltimore/Washington), DCA (Reagan National), or IAD (Washington Dulles) into the airfare search page, just type in WAS.  This will automatically check all 3 Washington airports! 

Two quick notes: 

  • Remember that Southwest flies from BWI and does not appear on sites like expedia.com, orbitz.com, and travelocity.com.
  • Be sure that you book your outbound and inbound flights to the SAME airport.  When searching like this, it will find fares from all airports, and sometimes the best deals are mix and match.  You don’t want to land at Baltimore if your car’s at Dulles!
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  1. Craig says:

    Thanks, that’s a great tip! I just hope my mother never figures that out or she will have me driving my ass all over town.

    By the way, saw you on the news this morning, you’re adorable.

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