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Thanks for attending my presentation about “Saving Money on Travel” at Prince George’s Community College.  Here are a lot of the travel tips I covered in my workshop.

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Tip for Searching for Airfare from Washington area airports:  Use the airport code WAS (to search for DCA, IAD, and BWI at the same time).

Often you can book an open jaw ticket (fly from Baltimore to Orlando and return from Miami to Baltimore) for no additional charge, and you won’t have to backtrack on your trip.  This also works great for Europe.

Going overseas?  You may be able to schedule a bonus layover for free.  You may have to call the airline directly instead of booking online.  If you are flying from Washington to Turkey, and you change planes in Paris, you may be able to add a 3-day layover in Paris without paying extra plane fare.  Use the “multiple destinations” search on a site like Orbitz or Expedia.  Air France often stops in Paris; British Airways in London, Iberia in Madrid; SAS in Copenhagen and KLM in Amsterdam.

Do you know your travel dates and want to get daily or weekly alerts to find out what the airfare is?  Sign up at and they will email it to you daily.

Don’t know whether airfare will go up or down?  There are two online tools that estimate if it will go up or down (it’s a guess, but at least it’s an educated guess): OR

Remember that Southwest Airlines airfares do not appear on most search engines, so you need to visit (in addition to the sites you usually use)

Airlines that give you a free bag allowance:  Southwest (2 bags), JetBlue (1 bag).  You may be able to get free bag check by getting the airline’s credit card (restrictions vary with airline)

Last minute airfare specials usually come out on Monday or Tuesday for trips on Saturday (returning on Monday or Tuesday).  Sign up on or  Find e-fares on United’s website.  Or, Smarter Travel puts out a comprehensive list on Tuesday or Wednesday each week at:

For hotels, you usually don’t need to check more than 2 or 3 online sites ( will search at least 5 sites automatically for you).

If you are staying for 4 nights, for example, you may want to see if the price changes if you split your stay up into segments (like booking 1 night + 3 nights or 2 nights + 2 nights)

For hotels, there is often a 20% discount if you book in advance (usually 21- or 14-days) and prepay.

Don’t know how much to bid for a hotel room on Priceline or Hotwire?  Tips for bidding for hotels on Hotwire and Priceline can be found at: and

Other lodging options include vacation homes/apartments (; home swapping, which I’ve never done but I hear its reliable ( and sleeping on the floor (  Also, not all hostels are for kids anymore.  Many now have their own bathrooms and are in many price tiers, but they’re still basic.  If you are looking to buy a time share, there is a vibrant resale market, where they can be 50% off the original price.  I’m not recommending time shares, though.

Want to take a cruise?  Travel agents, such as and offer the same rates as calling the cruise lines directly, and they may throw in some extras.  Never cruised before, read what to expect from each ship & itinerary at  Want to know what to do at each port and buy excursions for less than the cruise ships charge?

Some of the best sites for finding good package deals are: and in addition to  Sign up for specials (and find worldwide specials) at  They check to be sure the tour operator is reliable before posting the deals.

If you are going to an off-the-beaten-path destination (such as Africa, South America, parts of Asia), it may be bet to use a travel agent specializing in that area.  Find a list of specialists here: . They may charge a minimum fee, but they are truly experts, unlike trusting the advice of random strangers on the web.

For rental cars, it may be cheaper to get a car at an off-airport location.  Let’s say you are spending 4 days in Orlando.  You may be able to get a 1 day rental car (one-way from the airport to downtown), and then book a 3-day rental from downtown to the airport.  Airports often have higher rates, plus they may charge a daily “airport service fee” that you won’t see until you click through the first booking page.  Be sure to look at all taxes & fees when booking a car. and are great for saving 25% or more on car rentals.  You don’t know what brand you are booking, but the car will be the same.

Here are my favorite travel tweeters for specials.  You can also get an account on Twitter & have their messages sent to your phone:

You can also follow me at

Other helpful sites:

Picking where to sit on a plane:

Flight Tracking: is used for hotel reviews, but I also like it for the insider’s tips on what to see and how to get around.

Want to know how to best use online hotel reviews, check out my article:

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  1. Sheryl Clements says:

    Thank you for an exciting workshop. You were very informative. Your personality and sense of humor are wonderful! Thanks again! Sheryl Clements, PGCC dept of nsg.

  2. Jenny Prince says:

    Thanks for a really fun presentation at PGCC last week, the notes sent by email are really helpful.
    In the next eight months I will be travelling to Australia, Argentina, Kazakstan and UK so that should keep me busy.

  3. Marla Davis says:

    I enjoyed the presentation at the workshop at PGCC. I never would have thought that someone was trying to rob me by squirting mustard on me! Thanks (smile)!

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