Visit to the Hemingway Home

I have never read Hemingway.  Source: Hemingway HomeThe Hemingway Home & Museum did not inspire me to start, but I enjoyed the visit.  This Key West house was but one of Hemingway’s during his life, but the one where he wrote most of his famous works.  The humorous tour guide didn’t provide a boring chronological tour of Hemingway’s life, but gave us enough information to reconstruct Hemingway’s Key West years, via a series of entertaining soundbites.  The pool (which supposedly cost more to build than the house cost to buy) was built without his knowledge while he was out of town.  The ceiling fans, conspicuously absent, were replaced with French chandeliers by his wife, who should be punished for this grave mistake, as summer visitors can attest.  Instead of zoning out from the guide, I tried to catch every little vignette.  The grounds are beautiful, with gardens of palms and other tropical plants.  And the six-toed cats are as bizarre as advertised.  The guide knew each of them by name.

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