Visit to the Key West Lighthouse Museum

Key West Lighthouse

Lighthouses are just cool, which explains the abundance of lighthouse dishtowels and refrigerator magnets.  So is the Key West Lighthouse.  The walk to the top of the lighthouse is unexhausting, as it is only 84 feet high.  The breeze from the top is pleasant, and the view is supplemented by plaques pointing out the steeples and buildings.  Honestly, there’s not much notable to see from up here (aside from the Hemingway House across the street), but the view shows some pretty sea views and demonstrates just how flat the island is.

The keepers quarters is air-conditioned (reason enough for a visit), and the exhibits detail daily life, as well as the impact of hurricanes on the island.  The original lighthouse was toppled by a hurricane, which explains why this one is located a few blocks inland.

The gift shop is small, but heavy on books about Key West history, including volumes about Hemingway, Flagler’s railway, and hurricanes.  Of course, there is also lots of lighthouse stuff to fill your kitchen.  Anything less would be disappointing.

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