More Free Art Museums

Smithsonian American Art Museum

Always on the lookout for free art museums, I have a list of free art museums in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, & Delaware.  Some art museums offer free admission only on certain days of the week.  Here is a great list for art lovers to travel with:

Free art museums in District of Columbia (Washington, DC):

Museum of Women in the Arts

Free art museums in Delaware:

Free art museums in Maryland:

Free art museums in Virginia:

Related Articles:  Free admission at art museums in the Northeast (Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, & New Hampshire)

Bank of America is also sponsoring free days at art museums across the country.  For details, visit:

Just because a museum is free doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t donate.  Support the arts!

This list is not guaranteed to be accurate and may change at any time, so be sure to check the websites for accurate free admission days.  Have corrections?   Leave a comment.

Where to find free art museums in Washington DC, free art museums in Maryland, free art museums in Virginia, free art museums in Delaware & the Delmarva area.

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