Love those Dutch burritos

Anyone want a burrito in Holland?

Traveling gives us the chance to taste foreign foods as they were meant to be, before they were P.F. Changed to fit our American tastebuds.  I have been lucky enough to eat pad thai in Koh Samui, fried catfish in Mississippi, and weisswurst in Munich. I have lived a dozen years in Texas, where Mexican food has its own column on the food pyramid, right between “beef” and “deep-fat fried” (yes, Texas needs its own food pyramid).  So you can imagine how excited I was to find an authentic Mexican burrito recipe … in a grocery store in the Netherlands! 

This Dutch recipe starts with a wrap (ah!  this must be what they call tortillas in Mexico) and features mushrooms, kidney beans, & paprika.  Did they get a chili recipe confused with a burrito recipe?  Shouldn’t they at least try to refry the kidney beans?  This Dutch-Mex recipe sounds tasty in a Mix-Mex way, but we should probably deep fry it when we’re done just to add a little flavor.  The toughest thing about leaving Texas is finding Mexican food that compares to ours.  I would invite some Mexican friends over for dinner to taste test this authentic recipe, but it could jeopardize our friendship.

Next time you want to try some Tex-Mex in the Netherlands, take a plane to Houston.  KLM and Continental offer non-stop flights.

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