The nonsense of divorce-cation

It’s good to make vague predictions because it’s easier to be right.  USA Today recently wrote about the trend of divorce-cations, in which split couples travel together for the sake of the kids.  Seriously? Personally, I don’t want to be on that vacation.  But this is not about divorce.  It’s about the crazy words people are making up about vacations.

In my top 8 predictions for the world of travel in 2011, I predicted that someone will coin new vacation terms that are even lamer than “mancation.”  And you heard it here first.  Thanks, USA Today for making me sound prescient.

For a hilarious take on divorce-cations, prayercations, and more, check out This Week in Travel #78, where they create new words like bingecation:  a vacation where you binge on booze or (I’m assuming) food.  Binge away!

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