World Travel in Western Illinois

It was quite a travel day…off to visit the world via the Mississippi River Road.

First, I left St. Louis to drive to Dubuque.  In Illlinois, the cities sound so exotic.  First stop:  Brussels.   No sprouts for me!  I stopped for a cinnamon roll and a very delicious gooey butter cookie (highly recommended!) from Bliss Bake Shoppe.  Apparently, the gooey butter cookie is a St. Louis tradition that made it up the river to Brussels.  After a photo and  only had time for a cinnamon roll before I left again…

…for Hamburg.


Hamburg in the rain was not very romantic (and by the looks of it, it had been raining for a long, long time), so there was no reason to stick around.




Then I headed out to Lima, slightly smaller than the Peruvian capital, where the weather was equally gray.  If you didn’t know better, you would think they were stuck in the same weather front.  Hmm.


So, out for Warsaw…

…which had seen better days.  We’re talking back before the Communist takeover, back when river towns were river cities.

The welcome to Warsaw sign may have been the highlight, until I later learned about the Warsaw Brewery, a restaurant which had opened up in a historic abandoned brewery.   I’m bummed that I missed it, but it was difficult enough to want to get out of the car for photos in the rain.  Stopping for a meal would have been quite a commitment.

Some of the Mississippi River views were fantastic.  Some were a little too close to the roadway.  Even though I traveled the world in just a few hours, I don’t think the pictures will fool anyone.

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