Since I have an airline obsession, I wondered how much it would cost and how long it would take to duplicate my St. Louis-Brussels-Hamburg-Lima-Warsaw trip from yesterday.

The answer:  $4,986.54.  Coach class, of course.  But I bet my butt would hurt after this itinerary:

STL ORD 1:40pm – 2:50pm (Sunday)- American Airlines
ORD BRU 5:00pm – 8:15am (Monday)  American Airlines

BRU HAM 9:35am – 10:50am (Monday) Brussels Airlines

HAM LHR 2:15pm – 2:55pm (Monday) British Airways
LHR JRK 5:00pm – 8:00pm (Monday) American Airlines
JFK LIM 11:15pm – 6:10am (Tuesday) Lan Airlines

LIM MAD 7:10pm – 2:00pm (Wednesday) Lan Peru
MAD MXP 4:00pm – 6:10pm (Wednesday) Iberia
MXP WAW 7:15pm – 9:25pm (Wednesday) LOT

That would be 9 flights covering 79 hours and 45 minutes on the clock.  Ouch.! I’ll take the 3 hour drive any day! (Even though I ended up in Warsaw, Illinois)

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