Indiana: A Place to Pee Between Illinois & Ohio

After a brief legislative debate, Indiana has approved a new license plate featuring the slogan “A Place to Pee Between Illinois & Ohio.”  This phrase will also be the focus of the state’s tourism marketing campaign.

A $50,000 study, commissioned by the state, revealed what most Americans already realized.  “Nobody knows what a hoosier is, and we are tired of getting asked the question,” said Indiana State Branding Czar Wilbert Wilkins.  “We looked at what Indiana is known for, and the study revealed that, aside from the Indianapolis 500, Americans really know us for one thing:  making the drive from Illinois to Ohio about three hours longer.”

The state also considered slogans like “Land of William Henry Harrison” and “The Land that Lincoln Left,” which focus on Indiana’s rich history.  Instead, they chose the new slogan because, according to Wilkins, “It really cements our place on the map.  Other states can match our museums and casinos, but no other state can separate Illinois and Ohio.”  State tourism brochures have been designed with the new slogan, and a full rebranding is expected to take about one year, as Welcome to Indiana signs, license plates, and drivers licenses are redesigned to feature the new slogan.

Parody by Matthew Stone


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