What will annoy travelers in 2012

What will annoy travelers in 2012:

This is part 3 of my 2012 travel trends & predictions.

Gas prices will make headlines.  We will complain, but we will still keep driving our SUV’s on vacation.

You will have a friend countdown to their vacation on Facebook and then post daily pictures while you are busy working.

Hotels will not keep up with bandwidth needs, and in-room internet will be slow, whether or not it is offered for free.

Ridiculous “resort fees” (often $25 or more per night) will convince more people to try vacation rentals.

You will not be able to read about travel without seeing hastily-assembled “Top 10” lists (like Top 10 vacations with the kids!) which really won’t help you plan a trip.

The TSA will be in the news again for agitating a traveler, and the public will overreact again.

The TSA will introduce another security procedure of questionable effectiveness, like the 2011 policy of asking your name when you hand them a photo I.D.

Just when you thought there was no fee left undiscovered, airlines will raise their fees.

This is part 3 of travel educator Matthew Stone’s 2012 travel trends & predictions:
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