Beer Garden in the Rain

Postcards in the Beer Garden

Postcards in the Beer Garden

First night in Innsbruck.  It’s started raining again.  But I’m sheltered safely in the beer garden under an umbrella, not planning to leave soon.  My feet, pants, and umbrella are already wet so it’s not in an effort to stay dry.  Simply, inertia is a powerful force (especially after a half liter of Augustiner beer in a beer garden in Innsbruck).

I have my kindle, my postcards, and a beer. Plus there’s nowhere to hurry to anyway.  It will be light until 10:00pm.  Netherlands and Chile are playing in the World Cup, which would be more meaningful if any of the following were true:

1) I was from Netherlands
2) I was from Chile
3) I watched soccer
4) The inside bar was non-smoking

The server came over to take my order, so I will have another (a smaller one this time).  I’m sure he has my best interest at heart.  Don’t all servers have our best interest at heart?


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