My French Fry Limit

Flemish Fry Guy

Flemish Fry Guy

If it is possible to reach my French fry limit, I was pushing my luck in Bruges, where I ate fries every day.  They say the Belgians invented fries, not the French.  As long as I can eat them, I don’t care what you call them.

The little fry stands dot the streets, and they double fry them.  Then they offer you about 10 kinds of sauce, from ketchup and mayonnaise to some I had never heard of.  Our favorite was Joppie saus, which I learned about from the stranger in line ahead of us at the (French) fry stand.  He ordered American sauce, which seemed strange.  I figure if American sauce was so awesome, we would have it in America.  We skipped that.  But we liked the curry ketchup (how very British).

I do have one major issue with Belgian fries:  mayonnaise (which is my personal kryptonite).  If your fries are so gross that you need mayo on them, you’re doing something wrong with the fries!

I visited Bruges in Summer 2014.

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