Where to eat out for Thanksgiving

Ready to eat?

Having a hard time finding a restaurant for lunch or dinner on Thanksgiving?  Try a hotel!

No, not the hotel with the $60 per person brunch buffet, but just your regular Hilton, Holiday Inn, or Marriott.  Most hotel restaurants are open on major holidays, but they are very slow because most guests are cooking at home. In major cities like Washington and Baltimore, as well as suburbs, they can be a great place to eat dinner on Thanksgiving.

Call your nearby full-service hotel to see if the restaurant will be open on Thanksgiving.  Then talk to the restaurant manager to make a reservation for your family.  Why the manager?  So you can ask for a 10% discount.  Odds are, they will be very slow and just happy to have the business.  But just be sure to make a reservation because sometimes they will close early if there are no guests.  Your family can order whatever they want, and nobody will have to clean up!

Just don’t forget to give your server a nice holiday tip!

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