Cabinet of Curiousities

Behind Drawer #1 is...

I learned a lot at the recent American Association of Museums 2011 Conference in Houston.  But my favorite discovery was Box 13 Art Space and their exhibit “Box of Curiosities” in a PODS moving storage box.

This faux-historical exhibit recalled the great Victorian collectors and museums like Amsterdam’s Tropenmuseum, and featured drawer upon drawer of faux scientific relics:  Keys to Unknown Places, The Great Horse Migration of 1873, Severed Hand Donor Anonymous, and more.  It also taught of the great Squirrel Wars in Texas history.  Didn’t learn about them in history class?  This is probably the only place you ever will.

I saw the POD in downtown Houston at Discovery Green.  Unfortunately, they moved it to Pasadena, but at least its still on display.  Check it out.

Bottom picture by Box 13.
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