My favorite Spam

Painted building, Christiania, Copenhagen

Having a blog means you get more spam comments than real comments.  I have reposted my favorite spam comment below.  First, it starts with “Tex!”  Don’t all statements sound better when they start with “Tex!”?

Reading this delightful “comment” reminds me of 3 things:
1) I need to keep on righting,
2) I must retell the story of the pizza on the heater, and
3) I am awesmowe

Here is the text of the comment.  Please to enjoy:

Tex! This is aesmowe. I can almost hear your slight southern drawl when I read your words. You know, the drawl that made me think your name was Strawl for 2 years, and that you actually go somewhere called, Grammawls House . I’m so excited to read more about your travels- I’ve missed you so much that this will give me the little piece of Tex we’ve been yearning for up North in yankee territory. I’ve always envied your adventurous spirit and your ability to go for weeks without tending to your basic hygiene. Keep righting so I can keep laughing- and please explain the pizza on the heater. Love-Mary Marykins

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  1. Nate says:

    keep up the good workwl there, tex

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